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Reputation Marketing Today: What, Why, and How

reputation marketing todayFrom your business’s beginning, you’re cultivating a reputation to uphold. Ultimately, your social media posts, website content,  client interactions, and customer experience contribute to that reputation. Furthermore, the more you build upon it, the more likely it’ll stick in the minds of your audience. All of that combines into the term reputation marketing. 

What is Reputation Marketing? 

Certainly, you are aware of branding or brand marketing. Therefore,reputation marketing today developing your brand identity in personal online interactions is essential in building your 5-star reputation.

Reputation marketing today takes branding a step further. Often, businesses  focus primarily on strategies requiring more effort and expense than necessary. Those businesses fail to realize the role that marketing their reputation plays in triggering conversions and sales. By displaying reviews, Spiegel Research studies show that conversions increase by as much as 270%. Moreover, conversions increase as much as 380% when displaying reviews on higher-priced products and services. Clearly, your business’ reputation becomes a valuable sales tool when you build and market your reputation properly.

You figure out a business’s reputation from online reviews, complaints, critiques, and comments that customers will post. Review sites and social media are some of the most powerful tools you can use in reputation marketing. However, it is possible to miss something important and assume all is well with your reputation. One day, something changes or you miss something.  You just cannot put your finger on it. Therefore, we recommend downloading a copy of your reputation report by Clicking This Link for our Local Brand Analyzer. It is FREE to do so.

Why Use Reputation Marketing?

Your business’s reputation is already out there. Customers, satisfied and disgruntled alike, are already posting their thoughts on their experiences with your company. 89% , almost 9 of 10 consumers are READING REVIEWS before making a purchase. Those consumers want to evaluate customer experiences with your business. However, they also are evaluating how you respond to both positive and negative reviews. If you devote time to handling these interactions, you’ll merely take a stream of content already available and direct it to help your business prosper.

Many people don’t do all of their research on a company based solely on what the company says about themselves. Instead, they’ll look for customer experiences to determine whether the business lives up to what it claims. If you put effort into those experiences, they’ll be much more fruitful than your advertisements alone.

Using Reputation Marketing Today? 

Reputation Management Re-ActiveThe exact process of cultivating your reputation and using it in marketing will differ, but some constants will help any business. Reputation monitoring and data collection are re-active processes. Building a 5-star reputation and reputation marketing today are pro-active pillars in the reputation umbrella.

  • Collect Don’t just search for mentions of your company online. Create a way for your customers to review your product or service without reservation.
  • Monitor everything. You can allow your review forum to sit unattended and unanswered, or you can consistently check for critiques and The latter will win you more sales than the former.
  • Build it Don’t just rely on others to create a five-star reputation. Highlight your most positive reviews, post video testimonials, and display them on your website proudly.
  • Connect it Keep your other marketing channels open and active, but continue to directly correspond to the requests / feedback you receive from customers. Doing so will show your customers that you care, value and are paying attention to their feedback.

If you’re ready to tap into the power of reputation marketing for your business, be sure to contact us today!

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