power of the retargeting pixel

The Power of the Retargeting Pixel to Digitally Savvy Buyers

power of the retargeting pixelThe modern business environment is hyper-competitive, as companies find themselves jockeying for position in the hearts and minds of consumers. Notably, online marketing is the new forefront of advertising, as this method allows businesses of all sizes and sectors to reach their target audience in a personalized manner. Indeed, the ability to leverage the power of the retargeting pixel is a skill that increases profitability across the digital space.


The Power of the Retargeting Pixel Increases the Reach of Your Messages


power of the retargeting pixel reachRetargeting is a form of marketing that considers the potential customer’s previous behavior in order to better generate interest. This is a more distinct form of advertising that addresses a major problem that all online businesses (and offline businesses with websites) run into:


The vast majority of people who visit your website leave without making a purchase or contacting you. Studies show that 96% to 97% of visitors abandon your website and never submit a form, email, message, or call. Not surprisingly, that means that 97% of your website visitors never return.


The Staying Power of Retargeting


However, what if you could keep your message in front of 100% of your website visitors until they were ready to contact or buy from you? Indeed, that is what retargeting does. Upon visiting your website, a pixel drops into the visitor’s browser. Then, as the consumer travels to news, sports, medical websites, etc., the consumer sees your ad on that site. In fact, your ad follows that visitor around the web for up to 3 months. Otherwise, the message your visitor sees is, very likely, one-and-done. Moreover, 80% of all sales happen after the fifth contact. On the other hand, without retargeting, your online efforts are giving up after one contact. Because the consumer requires 3 to 5 visits to your website before taking action, it is imperative to use retargeting. Retargeting ensures that people return to your website and review your offers additional times.

The power of the retargeting pixel is keeping your brand top-of-mind with your website prospects. Additionally, your offers, products, and services become your visitor’s first thoughts with the power of the retargeting pixel in keeping

How Does It Work?

retargeting pixels process


The method of retargeting involves combining relevant data with modern digital advertising techniques to drive sales.


Once again, just to be clear, here is a breakdown of how retargeting works: First, someone visits your website. While there, they browse for a bit, but ultimately leave without buying anything. As a result, pixels or internet cookies and other pieces of consumer intelligence view the website visitor as a valuable prospect still logged on.


Your ads are now visible to them when they visit other web pages, such as TV websites or newspaper sites. However, instead of the usual one-size-fits-all approach, those ads are ad-specific to them. That means those ads may be targeted to the visitor’s level of interest. Possibly, the ads may be attached to the buyer’s stage in the process or to a product or service. Because they are hyper-targeted, they see ads more often that they are more likely to respond to. Thus, retargeting lowers the ad cost so that the ads are much more cost-effective.


The Power of the Retargeting Pixel in Organic Search


the power of the retargeting pixel - staying powerFurthermore, consider how great your ROI is when the traffic to your website comes from organic searches. Suddenly, a blog becomes much more valuable to your marketing strategy. So, just how much is a client or customer worth to you? If needed, here is a link to a Customer Lifetime Value Calculator. Such CLTV calculators are wonderful. Notably, however, most calculators fail to consider the value of referrals. Consider, however, what it means if just 2 or 3 of those website visitors convert to customers in a month’s time. Would retargeting be worth the investment? This is true whether the conversions come from paid searches or from organic searches.

Is It That Much Better?


Simply put: Yes, it is. Today’s shoppers are digitally savvy and have developed a natural filter that allows them to ignore most of the marketing materials that they see. This is especially true of younger consumers who grew up with the internet. So, the extra level of specificity and lead management that retargeting provides is needed.


Being at the frontier of modern marketing practices is vital to the health of a business in 2022 and beyond. Do not hesitate to contact us and start turning lost leads into repeat customers! Our proprietary 10X Retargeting Strategy is how thousands have improved their results. For more information, Click the “More Information” button.

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