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Retargeting Pixels – Your Brand’s “Secret Sauce”

retargeting pixels processDo you ever wonder why some websites seem to get all the juice, while yours is begging for visitors? Your content is just as well-written as theirs, but they are getting all the hits on similar content. Well, here’s a little secret . Oftentimes, they are using a marketing tool called “RETARGETING.” Retargeting pixels, done right, are your website’s future “secret sauce.”

So, what is it? It’s the practice of placing a pixel in the browser of your visitor when they come to your website. Retargeting pixels then make sure that your ad is delivering to all website traffic frequently. This strategy increases brand recognition. Additionally, it brings them back to your website frequently. If you’re wondering, why do this? Well, it’s because according to studies, on average, consumers visit a website 3 to 5 times before making a purchase. Moreover, 97% of your website visitors leave without contacting you, filling out a form, emailing you, phoning you, etc. So, what’s the solution to getting your message in front of more of your website visitors?

Where Do I Get Retargeting Pixels?

While you can DIY it from just about any provider: search engines, social media sites, and so on, a successful ad campaign is tricky. This is especially true when your research on the use of pixels is not sufficient.  Moreover, the correct use maximizing the power of the pixel requires a certain degree of expertise. Because, if you use the pixel incorrectly, often it come back to haunt you. Worse yet, those mistakes cost you in sales and wasted money.

How Do I Use My These Pixels?

The best practice combines your retargeting campaigns with your display ad campaigns. Display ads provide eye-catching visuals that your customer sees. Also, the ad entices them to act by clicking back to your site or exclusive offer.

Want to generate more revenue from your advertising dollar? Do you want to recapture more of the 97% of website visitors who leave your site? More importantly, do you want to convert more of that 97% into sales? Call us today at (513)463-7269 , and let us provide you with a solution that works for your business, or visit our website for more information at

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